Express yourself at work or…blow up!

Does expressing your feelings or your frustration at work help in being more relaxed, friendly and ultimately not depressed because you hate your job and the people you are dealing with?

Over the past few years I’ve worked in many places, long or short contracts. I didn’t find the ideal place yet but I’m working on it. People are very different, some are nice while others are mean. But mostly all keep the appearance of being relaxed – they don’t have any problems and like the work they do. I know it’s not like that though. Appearances can be very misleading.

Because I like to study the environment (that’s why I’m such a good tester – very analytical – or at least that’s what I like to think about me:))), I look around and while sitting nicely at my desk, I ask myself so many times how come the people in my immediate proximity (the few cubicles around me) are so pleased, so quiet, they have such a…”everything is peachy” attitude, while I get frustrated, I get mad, upset, and sometimes I feel like I want to resign right there, right that minute.

Is it maybe because they are afraid of speaking their mind, people might actually know what they’re thinking? Is it because that’s how they have been taught – not to express their feelings at work?

I had a conversation around this subject with a few friends of mine this weekend. One guy was saying that he always says what he thinks, even to his boss, and that helps him vent; when he gets home he can actually NOT talk about work all evening. Another friend said that she would actually build up on frustration until she cannot hold it anymore and only then she would go to her boss. In the meantime she spends a week going home, talking about work with her husband until he can’t take it anymore. Work again? Ahhhhh!!!!

So I’m asking you: What do you think it’s best – express your feelings, blow some steam or chew your nails quietly and then go home, vent with your family, get back to work and start all over?

Photo credits: kabils and basykes on – thanks!

2 responses to “Express yourself at work or…blow up!

  1. Personally, I’m all for getting things off your chest at work, instead of venting with your family. I’d rather leave work at work and spend quality time with my family.

    Then again, I work for myself. You should hear me give my boss a piece of my mind! 🙂

    Interesting post, Georgia – I look forward to following your blog and podcast!

  2. Hei Michelle, thanks for passing by!

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