Will a test tool resolve your problems?

Until recently I thought that having/using a test management tool (like Mercury for example) is the answer to some problems that happen a lot:
– testers don’t have a consistent way of writing test cases
– defect loggers (people other than testers sometime log defects) don’t follow basic rules when describing defects
– project managers don’t keep track of the test execution or defect status
And others.

But using a testing tool will not magically make your testers write test cases in a consistent manner, will not teach your users how to log defects properly and if at the project level there was no way of tracking the test case execution your tool will not change this in any way.

Before you start doing anything, get together with your team and discuss the step-by-step process you will all follow. This sounds easy but think about only those 5 people in your team, how hard it will be to get everybody to agree on one process! This is no easy work and depends very much on your team dynamics.

Involve everybody who will be part of the process at a point in time: developers, testers, project manager, and team lead.

Now let’s see…do you have any energy left after doing all these things? He, he….:-)

Did you ever implement a test tool in your organization? What were some of the challenges you faced?

Photo credits: ghindo on flicr.com – thanks!

One response to “Will a test tool resolve your problems?

  1. If you could tell me how to report test execution using Mercury or Excel it would be great. Thanks.

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