PODCAST: Interview with QA manager Flavia Stanciu

TOPIC: How does a day at work look like for a QA manager.



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Flavia Stanciu (left) and Georgia Motoc

Flavia Stanciu (left) and Georgia Motoc

Flavia came to Canada in 1995 and wanted to do a career change after realizing that she wasn’t finding a job as a chemical engineer. At her brother’s advice she went to school and became a certified Java programmer a few years later. She worked as a developer until 2002 when she decided to switch to testing. She worked her way up from being a tester and a QA team lead to being an accomplished QA manager working for SAP Canada.

This is one of the success stories of an immigrant who had to learn how to do something completely new after coming to a country where language and culture are so different than where she was born.



Thanks Flavia! See Flavia’s profile on LinkedIn.

George Motoc produced my podcast.

6 responses to “PODCAST: Interview with QA manager Flavia Stanciu

  1. That is great!!!!!! How immigrants succeed because we are so business driven.

  2. Maya Misakovsky

    Georgia, I like how you do your podcasts, you are so good! When I came to Canada there wasn’t such information available, fortunately I had friend to ask who were working in the field….

  3. Teodora Brasoveanu

    Congratulations to Flavia who got so far in her QA career!

  4. Good for her, inspiring for many people!

  5. Felicitari Flavia! Succes in continuare!

  6. Great interview, Georgia! And great idea, to broadcast it like this! I’ve worked with Flavia at beMany, she knows the stuff!

    Keep up the good work!!

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