I thought you might want to see how a basic test case execution progress report looks like. Believe it or not, not many projects report on the test execution but this is a must if you want to know how you stand at any point in the testing phase.


This is the report sample for you to take a look; there are many other ways to report testing status, this is just one of them: test-case-execution-progress. Check out other templates in the Free downloads page.

Photo credits: blumpy on – thanks!


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  1. hi georgia,
    i have a doubt in the test execution template of yours.. what does the no run state indicate? if there is a test case which does not run,shouldn’t it be noted as failed?can u explain me in brief?

  2. hi,
    i do have another doubt.. why are test execution rounds not mentioned in the template? aren’t the necessary?

    • Hi Rekha,

      First question: what does the No Run state indicate? If you run this report in the middle of testing, you will have test cases that were not run up to that point. In this case, this is what it means.
      Second question: You don’t always have to show testing cycles. You can easily add the testing cycles to your data when you choose what data you want to extract.

      There is no one standard execution spreadsheet – different people want to see different things. You can generate different spreadsheets showing same data in different ways, or you can show different data all together.


  3. hi georgia,
    can u explain me what is run chart and test strategy?

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