QA interview in French

My friend, Olga, has been looking for a QA job for the last few weeks. She’s a bilingual tester, having studied French in the secondary school in her home country.

She’s cracking a few words in French, has a heavy accent, but knows grammar and spelling quite well.

I was laughing with her because she asked me to prepare her for the interview in French that she had a few days ago. I was laughing not of her, but with her because she’s so funny, the way she speaks French!! Of course I’m not supposed to laugh but what can I do when I hear somebody speaking French in a heavy accent??? She’s a nice gal, she didn’t mind….and it’s better if I laugh and not the interviewer, at least I can correct her…


When you go for an interview in French it’s important to repeat the first two sentences you are going to say so that you sound like you’re speaking French fluently.

What are the two first questions that an interviewer will ask you in the interview? Can you guess?

How can you make this interview to be successful and end up with an offer on the table?

“J’ai appris le Francais a l’ecole…”

If you need help in getting prepared for an interview in French, please contact me and I will be most happy to help you. I promise I won’t laugh:)))


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9 responses to “QA interview in French

  1. Hi there, soon I will have an interview in, I suppose, several languages. Do you have any more tips for French? Thx… Bernard

    • Hi Bernard, thanks for the comment. The most important thing when you’re having an interview in French is to prepare your first few sentences and to anticipate the questions you will be asked. I know for sure that the first question somebody asks you when you’re going for an interview in French is “Where have you learned French?” so be prepared to answer that with a perfect French. Even if you’re not fluent, your sentences have to be grammatically correct and it really helps if you’re practicing with loud voice on your own. It helps to memorize what you want to say in order to avoid mumbling and rambling.
      Good luck with your interview!

  2. hie
    apart from being asked where did i learn french, what else can be asked. i have applied for the post of a french professor at Alliance Francaise. so what else can the director can ask me? when can i hope to receive your reply…

    P.S. kindly reply ASAP 😦

    • Hi Aakriti,

      My experience is around questions that are asked when applying for a testing position. I am not familiar with the questions you are asked when applying for a teaching position. You could be asked though what are your teaching methods, how do you deal with problem students (give a few specific examples), what motivates you as a teacher, but this is just my hunch. Sorry I can’t help you more. I took a course (Business in French) at Alliance Francaise and the teachers there were very relaxed, laid back…I enjoyed the course….Good luck with the interview! Let us know how you did.

  3. Hi Georgia,

    I have a French QA tester job interview coming up. I need some help from you to be able to tell my experience in French.Can you give me examples or literally translate my experience in french.Your help will really be appreicated.

    • Hi there. From my experience and those from whom I’ve heard, the interview in French resumes to you responding to questions such as Where did you learn French? and How did you test in French? You have to be prepared for these two questions before anything.
      For more help on specific examples how you test in French please read my article on bilingual testing published in The Tester, showing on the right hand side navigation. Good luck!

  4. Jacqueline Wilson

    I have an interview tomorrow for a French teaching position and I am terrified that it is completely in French . Help!!!! S’il vous plaît.

  5. Hi there!!I’ll have a job interview in French in a few days, it is for a finance position and I’d really appreciate it if you could give me some advice and some answers or expressions I should use. Thank you very much in advance =)

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