What’s a good boss?

Oh, man, this is such a “hot” topic! People can talk about this forever!

So I’ve asked a few how would they describe a good boss?


Here’s what they say:


A good boss trusts his people – if you trust the people you manage, they will trust you in return.


A good boss listens to you even if you have something bad to say – if your team communicates bad things to you it means that they have a hope that you will do something about it. When people are quiet and hesitant about telling you stuff, it means that they’ve stopped believing in you.


A good boss divides the work fairly between team members – there is nothing more frustrating than to see that you’re working like crazy because you have 10 million things on your plate while others laugh in your face, with nothing to do.


A good boss is one that is honest, open, and values you – when people feel valued they will follow your leadership. Many don’t come to work because the paycheck is great, but because they like to work for a boss who treats them with respect and values their opinions and work.


A good boss is one that knows his stuff, knows how to manage – you can see right away who’s actually born to lead and manage people and who becomes a manager after attending a 2- day management course. In some opinions, leadership and management are some things that you either have in your blood or you don’t; you can’t learn them.


A good boss is one that actually encourages you to do your job – if your job as a tester is to find defects, he doesn’t undermine your testing or asks you to cover defects; there is nothing more detrimental to a tester’s integrity than to ask him to find defects and then cover them.


 What’s a good boss for you? How do you like or dislike your boss?


 Photo credits: thinkPanama on flickr.com – thanks!

2 responses to “What’s a good boss?

  1. What I like best about my boss is that she is very fair with us. She gives you the right to say your opinion without her getting upset. I love her!

  2. I believe it’s really nice to work with a manager that does not care so much about what’s right, but about what’s best.

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