4 lessons learned since I am a BA

As I was saying some time ago, I am working as a Business Analyst. I want to see the world on the other side of the fence. I’ve been testing for so long!

What is the perspective of a senior tester who is writing requirements?


Well, it’s definitely challenging.

Lesson learned #1: I have much more respect for BA’s now that I know what they’re going through when they gather business requirements. I used to be like a shark, coming down with questions one after another! Now, I’m finding out that writing requirements is no easy job – so many things to think about!

Lesson learned #2 (and preached to others): BA’s with testing knowledge think in a different (better) way.

The fact that I’ve been testing for so long definitely helps. I’m very much system oriented as opposed to business oriented. And I think that helps because it makes me see a business process the way it would happen once the system is implemented. When I read a process flow I can see myself making my way through the application, clicking here and there; I know right away if something will not work or a step in the flow is missing.

Lesson learned #3: Don’t assume people will understand you, spell out everything clearly.

As a BA, you are writing requirements that will be read by users, developers, and testers. So you have to think down the stream and anticipate questions from them. Testers have a very logic mind (the good ones) and want to see things in a sequential manner. Don’t assume that if you miss a step or you don’t mention a function they will understand what you meant. Everything has to be spelled out clearly. If a particular functionality does not apply, say so in your document.

Lesson learned #4: the devil is in the details.

So many major defects are found just because a BA didn’t take the time to think about that function in detail! Even if you are pressed for time or feel like this is a never ending document, do an effort and document a function in the smallest detail.


What have you learned since you are a BA?

2 responses to “4 lessons learned since I am a BA

  1. I agree that a tester’s perspective will certainly serve you well in business analysis. Do you write test cases as part of your requirements analysis?

    • Thanks Sade for your comment. I don’t write test cases as part of my requirements analysis, although I have them in my head, for later:))

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