PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Serena Biesinger, Infotek Consulting

Running time: 16’50”

In today’s episode I invited Serena Biesinger, who is a recruiter at Infotek Consulting Services in Toronto, Canada.

Download the episode:


Listen here:

Serena (left) and Georgia

Serena (left) and Georgia

I’m happy that Serena accepted my invitation and she is the first recruiter to be interviewed in the Panamo QA podcast and probably any other QA podcast out there.

The goal of inviting recruiters in my podcast is to give first-hand information about topics such as resume screening, internet search strategies, job interviews and much more.

Credits and references:

Thanks Serena! See Serena’s profile on Linkedin.

George Motoc produced my podcast.

4 responses to “PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Serena Biesinger, Infotek Consulting

  1. Awesome. Gave inspiration for Junior and Intermediate QA with little or no Canadian Experience. I also admire the frankness displayed about being honest with what we put on our resume, because employers sometimes screen resume line by line.


  2. Hi Geogia,

    I would like to ask Serena the type of chances that the people with Manual Experience have in getting a job.

    Thanks so much for doing this wonderful podcast.



    • Thanks Caroline for your visit on my website.
      Manual testers represent a much bigger percentage on the market than automation testers, just because automated testing requires more programming knowledge. There are much more jobs out there for manual testers, that has been my experience.

  3. Thanks.

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