PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Caitlin Kirby, Teksystems

Caitlin is a recruiter at Teksystems, Toronto.

She’s one of the few recruiters out there that work hard on building relationships with consultants and maintaining them over time.

Caitlin talks about the importance of having business knowledge in addition to testing knowledge, if personality is more important then having technical skills and personal presentation at job interviews.

Caitlin (right) and I

Caitlin (right) and I

To listen and download:

Running time: 15’50”

Download: 2009-02-12-tstp-caitlin-kirby

Listen here:

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George Motoc audio-edited this episode.

The music in the intro – The DJs on Podsafe Music Network. Thank you!

The DJs website.

3 responses to “PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Caitlin Kirby, Teksystems

  1. That is right!

    Being fair will bring you quality prospect candidates. The same in sales…being fair means more sales.

  2. Georgia, I enjoyed the interview. Couple of points. Interviews are not the time to be shy or nervous. They are sales presentations and make or break an offer. Technical expertise plays a critical factor for specific job orders and needs to be flushed out on the resume to limit guessing games. Hint to jobseekers: Gear your resume to the specific position you are applying. Know your resume inside and out and be prepared for a range of questions. Interviewers look for reasons to disqualify candidates. I’d be happy to email any interested jobseekers the 64 toughest interview questions. George, liked the audio mix.

    Jeff Kayal
    Technology Recruiter
    Quantum Technology Recruiting

  3. I can personally vouch for Caitlin as a recruiter. I have been an independent contractor on and off for 12 years and Caitlin is by far the best I’ve dealt with.

    Caitlin not only wants to place you in a position you will be happy with (not simply placed and forgotten), but she is very proactive in making sure you remain happy. Should the need arise, Caitlin will work with your employer to correct any issues.

    Caitlin is a joy to work with, and I hope my next engagement is through Caitlin and TEKSystems.

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