PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Stephen Carrette

Stephen Carrette is a recruiter at Modis in Toronto.

I met Stephen a few years back when I was a junior tester looking for work.

Running time: 11’46”

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I remember about Stephen that he was very calm, was explaining things, taking the time to properly interview me in regards to my expectations about the job. And I also remember that he put me at ease right away, I had the impression that I was talking to a friend. Which doesn’t happen a lot when you talk to agents.

Now, after almost 6 years, I saw Stephen again and he gave me exactly the same feeling – a nice guy who you can talk to like an old friend.

Stephen and I

Stephen and I


George Motoc audio-edited this episode.

One response to “PODCAST – Interview with recruiter Stephen Carrette

  1. Flavia Stanciu

    Georgia and George: Congratulations on your team work to create so many meaningful interviews!

    Steve’s interview is helpful, as he clearly indicates that a job should not be just paying bills but a long term perspective, if the individual would like the job itself, the role, the company, the people and the location!
    However, I have noticed that most colleagues who simply love and enjoy what they are doing can get along with the other difficult situations that can occur on day to day basis. People who enjoy their work, are the base of the success of a project and company.

    Kind regards,

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