HOW TO LOOK FOR JOBS: Resume and interviewing tips from recruiters in Toronto

With these times, lots of people around me are looking for a job.

Here are a few quick take-away’s from some of the interviews I’ve done with recruiters in Toronto:


1. When you apply for jobs write a few words on how you match the job description – this shows the recruiter that you’ve read the job description, are interested in the job and you have the skills.

2. Write your resume if you are writing it for somebody who doesn’t know what you do – of course, don’t write a novel but don’t just brush on your skills, find a good balance between the two.

3. Write a resume that is easy to read and include content that is relevant for the job you’re applying for.

4. You must be original in your resume, include skills that stand out, highlight your skills to match the description of the job.

5. When recruiters call you always return phone calls even if you’re not interested in the job – you never know when you’re going to need them and you won’t like it if they don’t return your phone call.

6. Always keep track of the jobs you’re applying for – make a list with all the agents you’re in contact with, which jobs they’ve submitted you to.

7. When you meet with agents be professional, punctual, articulate your experience – show them that you really are what you say you are; show them that you know what you’re talking about.

8. Don’t interrupt and don’t have the “I’m a senior, I deserve to be paid well, I expect this amount of money” kind of attitude. Who likes that attitude?

9. Agents don’t have any obligation to submit you for a job – if you’re nice, you show respect, and if they like you they will submit you for a job interview. Of course, you can’t be submitted if you don’t have the skills.

10. Don’t put your trust in one person  – ultimately, you are responsible for finding a job, nobody else.

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