Bilingual testing – what to test in French?

If you speak and write French it’s worth applying for bilingual jobs.

You might think that testing in French is complicated and you have to have a perfect French. Well…not really, but you do need to know some French in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd out there that pretends to do bilingual testing.

Here are some things to look at when testing French applications:  

1. Text placement on the page, number of links, images, page sequence should be the same in English and French. Both versions have to be consistent: same fonts, same type of headers, same colors.

2. Text translation – the most frequent problem is that words and sentences remain untranslated, so you might see English words on the French version. Another problem is that translation in French is not consistent with text in English, so you might see sentences in English that in French don’t mean the same thing.

3. Module consistency – sometimes an application is developed and implemented in small modules. From one implementation to another, translation could be inconsistent – for example, in the release of one module FAQ is translated into ‘Foire aux questions’ and in another release FAQ remains with its English ‘Frequently asked questions’ but the rest of the text is French.

4. Grammar and spelling – you might think that most companies use professional translation units, but grammar and spelling mistakes are very very common. Verb-noun disagreements or accents put in the wrong letters – for example accent aigue instead of accent circomflexe – if you know French well you can spot these common little mistakes right away.


Read Georgia’s tips on having a QA interview in French.

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