Archive your interviews – always good to refer back to

One easy thing to do when you’re looking for a job is to keep track of your interviews.

I developed this habit of archiving my interviews and I found it to be very beneficial. Here’s a simple example of what the Interview tracking sheet looks like. This is what I really wrote at the time, I just changed the names, the date and the contact info.

Interview tracking sheet

You notice that I’ve included where the interview took place, the time, the person who interviewed me, the contact information, questions I was asked and my impressions about the interview.

What are the benefits of using such a tracking sheet?

First of all, you know exactly where you interviewed and when. And who were the people interviewing you. If you are a contractor and change jobs a lot, this will definitely help.

Most of the times, we don’t remember the contact information of the person who interviewed us. We can’t even remember names, let alone email addresses! So write it down now while it’s fresh. You never know when it’s going to be handy.

If you have trouble at interviews (don’t know how to answer questions, don’t present well), you could use this sheet as a self-assessment instrument. Write down what you did well and what you weren’t so happy about. How will you address the things you have to improve?

What else would you find useful to include – the resume you submitted for this job?

Do you keep track of jobs you applied for and your interviews? Use the Comments section to show us how.


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  1. I found your blog site to be very useful on the testing topics and related comments you have in your blog. Thanks, Mark K.

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