I’ve been quite quiet these last few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy at work and I didn’t want to post just anything.


Just today I got a message – actually an invite for a meeting that I have to attend. In the message the organizer sends about four files, plus a few screenshots, plus another document. He wants to go over the whole pile in two hours and it’s the first time we ever see these documents. Hmm, I bet this will take more.

Anyway, I open the attachment with the files and I see that columns have comments on them. I take a look on Print preview, how do I print out these files with the comments on them? OK. My first thought is if the person sending me the message has thought about how I’m going to print this if I want to take it with me in the meeting. My second thought is if the person knows how hard it is to read an Excel done like that, with the comments hidden and me scrolling to the right and left. I get annoyed when I can’t just see everything without scrolling. Here’s what I’m talking about:

So what I did was just re-organize the four files into a spreadsheet like this, which is much easier to read (fields from each file are listed and the first four columns show in which file each field goes). It took me about 1 hour to do this spreadsheet but needless to say, I’ve found lots of inconsistencies and things that are missing. Can’t wait to point them out tomorrow:))

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