Animal Mechanicals Mission Time!!

Meet the Animal Mechanicals: Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse.

Rex is a green dinosaur who’s strong like a titanium Tyrannosaurus. Unicorn is a pink unicorn who can fly. Komodo is a red dragon who can change his tail into a hammer or a screwdriver. Sasquatch can stretch his limbs to an incredible strength. Mouse is super fast and uses her ears as satellites to catch sounds.

Each Animal Mechanical has a strength and uses it to resolve a problem the whole team is facing. Each one is good at something in particular. They work as a team. Nobody is envious on another because one animal solved something that another one couldn’t. Nobody’s is mocking or being sarcastic or challenging the other. Each animal knows what the other can do and expects the other to succeed.

Which doesn’t really happen in real life where “Let’s work as a team” is just a slogan that looks good on corporate websites.

But mostly, Komodo does not try to fly or Mouse does not beat herself up because she can’t strech. Many times, we are not doing what we know how to do best, but what we don’t know. We may know what we’re good at, but we’re not allowed to be our best. Just try to tell a manager that you prefer to do another task on the project (because you don’t like it, you’re not good at it, or you don’t feel comfortable doing it) and you’ll see what the answer will be. Can you guess?

If you are a manager give your people a chance to shine. Take the time to find out what each one of them is good at and use that strength in the right projects, at the right time. Encourage them, support them. Be there for them. It all starts with you, the manager.

Animal Mechanicals Mission Time!!

One response to “Animal Mechanicals Mission Time!!

  1. Mi-a placut. Great story!

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