The other evening my husband and I were in the home office, each at his computer, checking emails and what not. At one point he tells me:

‘You have no idea how lucky you are that you know QA!’

I started to giggle and asked ‘Why?’

‘Because it’s so important for a BA to know stuff about testing!’, he says.

‘It’s funny you say that’, I replied, ‘ a few days ago I was just reading this job description I got and they were looking for a BA who doesn’t come from a QA background, if you can believe something like that!’

‘Really?? Let me read that job description!’

This is the first time I see an employer who’s looking for a BA who does not come from QA specifically. At least, this is my first interpretation of what I read. Those words stand out. Can this be true?

I can state 100 reasons why I feel I’m doing a much better job as a BA with QA experience and I can see around when somebody doesn’t have it. I met BAs who don’t have a clue about testing and they don’t give a dime. The worse is they pretend they know!!

QA has helped me with my logic, everything in my head is now neatly organized in boxes, tables and process flows – all because of QA. I think about test scenarios and I can drive requirements from that perspective. Also, being a former QA has given me better chances at finding a job quickly. I can apply as a QA or as a BA. Most employers want both in the same person.

If you read the job description carefully you will see in the ‘Skills’ section that QA is mandatory. So they do value QA experience, they just don’t want a former QA? Or can it be a former QA but must have worked the last six years as a BA? Wouldn’t have been enough to just have stated the years of experience they required in order to keep away those ‘impostors’ who want to apply with just having a QA background?


  1. Hi Georgia.

    I think this could be interpreted two ways. The first is the meaning that QA is being de-emphasized. If that is the case, then I think it’s a shame, as you are correct, there is a great deal of benefit from the QA mindset that can be applied to a BA role and methods.

    From reading the description, though, it sounds like they are looking at someone who has had a significant number of years in a BA role, and not a BA who may have recently transitioned from a QA role. The wording could have been better, to be sure :).

  2. Buna,

    Imi place sa cunosc testeri, romani seriosi nu prea cunosc asa ca incerc sa gasesc.


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