European women are so chic…

Just been in London for one week.

Of course, made sure that after the work day was over or during a lunch break, I had some time to visit my favorite stores. One of them is Jigsaw, where I got a beautiful coat. On my way back I got a Chanel lipstick (Mademoiselle) and a nail polish (Paradoxale – one of the girls in the workshop had it and it looked great on her).

Every time I go to London I promise to myself that I will dress better and differently when I come back. London girls are so chic – the trend is now pencil skirts, tailored shirts tucked in and flats when walking outside but heels in the office.

Showing a bit of skin on the upper body area is so normal and sooooo sexy…why is it so abnormal in Canada? Go to the office with your shirt a little bit unbuttoned and you will see how people look at you, but in London (and rest of Europe as a matter of fact) it’s the norm!

So girls – next on your list – go to your favorite store and make sure you buy a black pencil skirt and a fitted shirt. I bet you will feel great, I know for sure that’s on my list for next week!

One response to “European women are so chic…

  1. Did not get any card from you while in London as you said I would 😦 Kidding!
    But you are d… right about women in Europe.


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