You know that if you are looking for a job, one of the first things you are asked is who are your references. Nobody hires you without references here in Canada and you will have to provide the name of one person who was your manager or supervisor in your last or current job.  The fact that someone vouches for you ‘demonstrates’ (notice the quotes) that you have worked in that place, and hopefully the feedback is positive and helps with getting that next job.

Most agents/employers ask for 2 references.

In this post, I am giving some examples on the type of questions agents can ask and how to answer them if you are in position to give references to your former colleague or staff.

Later on, I will tackle the ‘how not to give references‘ – unfortunately, there are people who agree to give references even though they were not happy with the person reporting to them and, when providing the feedback, they do more harm than good.

Last, how to work at your relationships on the job so that you have somebody to ask references from. You may not like it where you work right now – not like the people or the actual job – but the reality is that when you leave you will need a name who can vouch for you, so you better behave:)

Photo credits: markhillary on – thanks!

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