I have a question for you: Why is it that when you hire somebody you don’t involve in the hiring process the people who will actually work together?

This is a question for HR, maybe they can shed some light into this matter which is so intriguing for me.

I was in this situation where I was hired by a guy, very very nice guy, and I was so happy that I was going to work with him!! Needless to say, 1 week later, when I joined the team, I found out that guy was at a higher level and I won’t be working directly with him. Turns out my reporting manager is another guy. We worked together OK, yes, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t the guy from the interview. On his side, maybe this other guy would have liked to be in the interview to get an idea who I was, my skills and see if he liked me or not.

I really think likes are very important for two people to be able to work together. If likes are not there, it takes a while but it can be done with respect and acceptance. But the point is that these two people are not given a chance to assess each other before one of them makes the decision to commit to the job.

Fast forward a few weeks/months later, when things are not working between us, managers want to fix team dynamics. Well, why don’t we fix the hiring process first? Hire people who connect, make the ‘click’, and want to work with each other.

Of course there are many sides to this story and you can turn it around many ways….but I’m not getting into that now. Maybe for me likes are just very important and I feel mislead if I go to an interview and don’t get to actually see the person I will be working with.

I think it would also be a good idea to have the whole team involved in the process, have them come at the interview, ask for their opinion about the applicant. In the end, they have to accept the applicant and the applicant has to accept them. Do you think that could work?

I almost want to be an HR person now. I want to make some changes. I want to see people smiling when they are at work, not just when they leave work.

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  1. You interviewed and got hired but didn’t actually know who you would be working for? Very odd.

  2. Speaking of hiring, I was just reading this article in the Modern analyst website. It identifies 6 key traits of a great Business Analyst and I think it ties in nicely with my post.

  3. Since the IT industry stopped using computer aptitude tests, we have had humans entering the profession who do not think in logical discreet steps. The impact is air jump thinking and some very public failures.
    The process was definitely broken, years ago.

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