How to achieve high success with your job search by staying confident and focused

Welcome to the 5′ BA Podcast.

In the last podcast episode we talked about transferable skills and how you can use those skills for a successful career transition.

Are you getting discouraged and frustrated during your job search? Do you feel down some days? You’re not the only one. The job searching process takes its toll on all of us and the more self-confident you are the better it is.

In this podcast episode you will find out a few techniques to boost your confidence. Find out what they are here:

Listen to the Audio

You will discover:

  • How reviewing your accomplishments can give you that boost you need;
  • The importance of having a daily job searching routine;
  • How disconnecting from job searching can actually keep you more focused and positive;
  • One visualization technique that works;

How do you keep confident during your job search? Is it easy? Hard? What advice could you give out?

If you have enjoyed this podcast please rate it below and let me know if there are any topics you would like to hear about.

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